Spasmodic Syllogism #1


Knowledge is power

Power leads to corruption

Therefore, the gaining of knowledge makes you unethical


4 Responses to “Spasmodic Syllogism #1”

  1. ah, but it isn’t proven that 100% of the time that power leads to corruption. and knowledge may be power, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to THAT kind of power. if the world valued knowledge, then yes it would, but the world doesn’t value true knowledge.

  2. hahahahahahahha

    this is great 🙂

  3. hey woah, is that Grudem that you’re reading? I highly doubt systematic theology is gonna make you go hit your brother in the head that way, lol.

  4. It won’t make me hit him in the head “that way”? Yeah, I probably should have punched him in the stomach or something- someplace that would affect him more deeply than the face. You know, to represent how deeply Grudem makes me think about God.

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