The Ultimate Syllogism


I am fat

America is fat

Therefore, I am America



8 Responses to “The Ultimate Syllogism”

  1. I’ll claim that.

  2. Well, it actually makes perfect sense. We got the first premise from the fact that me and Alex are all around quite obese. And the second premise comes from Austin’s speech that he gave last year. Remember? I think it was supposed to be on some “serious issue.” So, then if you follow that, the conclusion that I am America would naturally follow.

    Alex, I will only let you partially claim it. This is because I was the one who randomly wrote the premises on your paper when you got up from your seat, after government. However, it was your erratic spark of genius that organized them into the ultimate syllogism.

  3. drew donaldson Says:

    Nick, this is not a valid syllogism. For it to be valid, you should have said something like “America is fat and anyone who is fat is America. I am fat. Therefore, I am America.”

  4. that was the point! It would most likely not be very funny if it was either valid or true.

    Here is the deal: do not expect anything on my blog to be either valid or true if it is not supported by the word of God. Because otherwise, I am most likely just trying to make a point or sound stupid.

  5. drew donaldson Says:

    To sound stupid: a great goal.

  6. I know, I know.
    Thank you

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