Erratic Thought #7

In the past few weeks, before my head hits the pillow and I fall asleep, I cannot help but smile. When I look around all I can see is blessing after blessing from God. No matter how bad the day might have been, I can always look at my family, my friends, my school, and the amazing community that I have been given. Then I think about anything I have done for God- anything I have done to deserve being a part of His family. I do not read the bible very much. I do not share the gospel like I should. Nor do I love others the way God has loved me. I am a horrible representative for Jesus Christ. Everything I do has been infected with sin. I have done nothing at all worthy of His grace and yet somehow at the and of the day, I can smile to myself knowing that whatever crap I have done, God somehow still loves me unconditionally. I cannot think of anything I am more grateful for than this.

If I were to sum up my relationship with God in one word, it would be that. Gratitude. What we all want is to be loved. And I can now know that I, a completely undeserving person, will be adored by the creator of the universe. 

If you had to sum up your relationship with God in one word, what would it be? Would it be one of redemption, one of provision, or one of compassion? I am sure that as I grow in my faith, that “one word” might change. But I hope that instead of simply changing, my respect and adoration for God would become so great that it would be impossible for one word to describe it. I would love it if you would leave a comment saying how you would sum up your relationship with God.

Look What You’ve Done- by Tree63

Look what You’ve done for me
Your blood has set me free

Jesus my Lord look what You’ve done for me

I haven’t been the same
 Ever since that day I called Your name

Yahweh Look What You’ve done for me

What can I do for You my Lord?
I want You to know my heart is Yours

It’s not a question of what You can do for me

But what can I do for You my Lord?

Up to Your cross I crawled 
Now I am standing ten feet tall

Jesus my saviour look what You’ve done for me

Free at last I’m free
 I owe You my life completely

 Yahweh look what You’ve done for me


One Response to “Erratic Thought #7”

  1. i would describe my relationship with God as a working progress…

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