Erratic Thought #6

OK, so let’s say you are at Wal-Mart and you run into someone that was in your class a long time ago. You and this person were friends, but neither of you can remember the other’s name. So, after walking up and saying “Hi,” there is an awkward moment of silence. Eventually, after a minute (it feels like an hour) you ask, “What’s your name?”

Did you see that?!?! When you need to ask someone their name, you don’t have to say “what is your name.” No, instead you can combine what and is to get the contraction “what’s.” And that is just one example of how that contraction can be used! That must be one of the coolest things ever. The other day, however, I was running by myself and as my mind started to wander, I thought of something quite strange. Say, next time you are at Wal-Mart you run into two people who used to be in your class. Just as last time, you can’t remember either of their names. So, after another long, awkward moment of silence you say, “What are your names?” But guess what? When you say that, for some reason, you cannot combine “what” and “are.” “What’re” is not a word. I do not know why, however I believe it is completely unfair and stupid.

Now, before I go on, I want to say that although I do find what I just said somewhat interesting,my enthusiasm was fake and I am not the huge nerd that I just made myself out to be. I guess the point of all that was just to show how strange it is when you let your mind go off by itself.

Like I said, when I thought of the conjunction thing I was running through the park (I didn’t make that part up). As I was running, I went by the tennis courts and that made me think of how I like to play tennis, but am not very good. That reminded me of a tennis class I went to when I was in the fourth grade. When I was there they taught us different strokes, we played games, ate lunch, and made some friends. Later at church I saw two of the people that I met at the class; I believe they were brother and sister. As they were playing a game with some others, I reintroduced myself and realized that I had forgotten their names. I don’t remember the exact way I asked them their names (though it’s pretty scary that I remember this much), but that’s when the whole concept of the conjunction thing hit me.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and it really is weird. I might be sitting around, thinking about how I love to give speeches. All of a sudden I realize that five minutes ago I was thinking about my first guitar lesson. For some reason while I am running, I have a tendency to think about grammatical abnormalities in the English language (and yes, I do love saying that). If you think about it, it happens all the time- especially when you are tired or bored. It is certainly not something I consider good or bad, just interesting.


4 Responses to “Erratic Thought #6”

  1. drew donaldson Says:

    For goodness sake, its not a conjunction its a contraction!!!!

  2. You know what Drew? I edited it just for you. There, know are you happy? Yeah. I thought not.

  3. well, if he had any reason to be unhappy, it’d be because you spelled “now” as “know” in your last post.

  4. yeah, I realized that. and I was really hoping to get away with it without anyone noticing it, too. thanks

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