Erratic Thought #4

The other day, I took a class on a book called “Do Hard Things.” It encouraged teens to make more of the teenage years. It told us to treat them not like one big party, but instead as the launching pad for our life. At the end of the class the teacher asked us what are some life goals that we have, some goals that we could already be working towards. He went around the room, some had a response, but many didn’t. I was one left without an answer. I really don’t know what my dream career is- what I really want to do.

Although, I still haven’t really decided on what the job that I want is, I do have a goal. That goal is to mature. To grow up and to become an adult. I now realize that can happen today. You see, I have always lived under the idea that you are all of a sudden an adult when you turn twenty or when you go to college. But after reading this book, I realize that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I realize that being an adult is not something that magically happens when you’re a certain age. It is a conscious decision we make every day. This does not just apply to teenagers. The people that we already consider to be adults, even our parents, have to make this same decision as well. Now that I know that, I want to live by that idea every day of my life. We complain about the all too common and degrading phrases: “Oh, they’re just teenagers” or “At least they’re not out smoking or drinking.” As much as I and every other teen cringe at those statements, if we cannot raise ourselves out of this pit of low expectations, then I frankly don’t see a reason for people not to talk about teens like that.

So that is my goal: to make the conscious decision every day to do hard things by choosing to be mature and deciding to be an adult. That is my challenge for myself and for anyone reading.


4 Responses to “Erratic Thought #4”

  1. Right on Nick. This is a really good post, I like what you said, that it’s about deciding to be an adult not just receiving it when you reach a certain age. Keep it up, man.

  2. Austin Hammonds Says:

    I think that your right but we dont relize that we are making the right conscious decision to be an adult.

  3. Austin Hammonds Says:


  4. Who are you and how the heck did you find this blog? Why are you coming here and making random illogical comments?

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