Movie Review: Mirrors

*Very Tiny Spoilers*

Alright, so a couple days ago my little brother became convinced he needed to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I couldn’t really blame him. I mean, Star Wars is awesome, but I had only heard bad reviews of the latest installment. So I looked online for other movies I could go to instead. What did I find? Mirrors. I had heard about it previously, but hadn’t realized that it came out this weekend. After being shown the trailer, information, reviews, and a little persuasion my dad said I could see it.

So I’m going to come right out and say this was a good movie. I don’t believe there was anything that would make it a great movie, however, it was a very good movie. I really have love Kiefer Southerland as an actor from 24 and doubted he would disappoint in this movie. He did not. His performance was powerful and extremely believable. As I review Mirrors, I will go ahead and say the negatives, then the positives.

This movie is rated R for “strong violence, disturbing images, language and brief nudity.” I’ve gotta say, that pretty much sums up the negatives in a nutshell.  Unfortunately, this is yet another example of a movie that has more profanity than needed. Although there is no excuse for using it, the language is used much less flippantly than many other R movies. As for the strong violence and disturbing images, even though they are excessive, they are really some of the main reasons that a person attends a movie like this. Although the plot is better than many horror movies, I cannot say that it posses the most complex story line. Alright, now for the positives. 

So, we meet the main character, Ben Carson at his absolute “lowest point.” That’s what actor Kiefer Southerland said in an interview. Carson at this time during his life is a suspended cop/detective because of an accident where he shot a fellow officer while undercover. He is also living with his sister because he and his wife have been fighting at home seemingly nonstop. I would say that his “lowest point” may be an understatement. In order to support the family through these hard times on more than his pension, Ben takes on a job as a security guard in burned down department store. It is there that he starts to see things in the mirrors. He soon uncovers a mystery and finds that he is not the first to be tormented by these pieces of glass. The plot, although not extremely complex is still quite gripping. It is the kind of plot that you think about, even through the horrific fight sequences and blood curtailing screams. In the most intense moments it makes you wonder, “So will he ever be able to figure out why the mirrors….. (well, I’d rather not tell you that).” 

It is also one of those movies that really pulls you in and captures your imagination. The acting was truly superb and made me think that something like this could be possible. On the way home from the movie, I was even paranoid about the side-view mirrors on our car. The special effects were, of course, amazing as well, making it all the more real. If you are looking for a very scary movie, I’m sure there are better, but I will guarantee that you will be on the edge of your seat, shaking the entire time.

There is another plus that I noticed in mirrors. As we all know, Hollywood does not hesitate to mock, laugh at, or paint a deceitful picture of religion, especially Christianity. Without giving much away, I will tell you that one of the key characters is a nun (not extremely “Christian,” I know, but still). I was quite surprised to see that she was shown as possibly the most noble, selfless character in the movie. This is something that I must commend the director, Alexandre Aja, for.

All in all, this is a very good movie. Other than the R rating and some unnecessary elements that it comes with, Mirrors has both a great beginning and ending, excellent acting, and a good plot. I definitely recommend this movie.



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