Erratic Thought #3

I hate going to sleep. I absolutely hate it.

Now please don’t misunderstand me. I love everything about sleeping. It is like the body’s own renewal process. Sleep refreshes you and it gives you back the energy that you lost during the day. However I really hate going to sleep. 

You see, when I have had a long day (usually a long day of not doing what I had planned) it simply doesn’t appeal to me to close my eyes and miss out on all the opportunities there are throughout the night. By opportunities, I mean chances to have fun or to get things done that I didn’t have during the day. Not staying up for these opportunities, is kinda like denying yourself a big bowl of amazing peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. You know that eating it wouldn’t be the healthy thing to do (at least that’s what I’ve been told), but you also know that the effects if the cold, smooth ice cream on your taste buds would make it so worth it. That is certainly not the best analogy, however I think you get what I am saying.

Here is an example of what an average night looks like for me:  [have dinner; do dishes; talk with family; listen to music; (at this point it is after nine) watch a little TV with family, read, get on Facebook,watch a TV episode on my computer (24 or Heroes), decide to watch another episode since the last was such a cliff-hanger; get on Facebook; blog; listen to a few podcasts] That about sums it up. sometimes by the time I actually go to sleep, it ends up being after 2:00. Now, I acknowledge that for some of you reading, 2:00 AM isn’t very late (or very early). However, no matter what your average “bed time” is, two o’ clock in the morning does not allow very much sleep, especially for those who need to be at school or a job the next morning. The other day I had to be at a class which required the completed reading and an outline of a book. I still had around 75 pages left. Knowing that the class was early the next morning, I decided it would be worth it to complete what had been assigned to me before I went to sleep. I ended up finishing it and all the questions at about 2:30 AM. After that I blogged for a while, putting the official time I fell dead asleep at after 3:30. 

I guess the point of me writing this is to first ask if any of you reading do or think about these same things. And second because I am wondering: is staying up so late just to get a couple more things done worth it? 

Like I said, I love to sleep. It may even be one of God’s greatest gifts. But I also love getting things done and having some fun that I couldn’t earlier in the day. Is doing those things really worth missing what a good night’s sleep has to offer? I certainly don’t have the answer. That night that I stayed up until after 3:30 may have been the latest I have ever intentionally stayed up. It felt so good getting all that work done that I never thought I could accomplish in that time, especially since I’m a very slow reader. I imagined myself being delusional the next morning and being unable to walk a straight line. But it was strange, because although I was tired, I didn’t really feel nearly exhausted as I thought I would. I don’t know, maybe the body has a mechanism that triggers a special, extra boost of energy when we are running on empty. But then if you think about, there really isn’t much that feels better than a good night’s sleep. Like I said, I don’t know the answer. 

Just a random thought I had.


One Response to “Erratic Thought #3”

  1. no i hadn’t read that one. good thought.

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