Erratic Thought #2

Alright, here’s something to think about: There are really no such thing as shy people.

Now I know you will say, “What the heck are you talking about? I know tons of shy people-people that simply don’t talk very much. They are nervous, timid, and seem to think if they do anything, they might embarrass themselves.” Well, let me tell you my theory. None of this is true. 

You see, all of that (nervous, self conscious, timid) is just what these “shy” people want you to think. In fact, I believe there really are no such thing as shy people at all. All of these people really fall under one of two categories (or maybe a third I have not yet discovered).


(a) This person is not shy; he or she is in fact just extremely weird. Now, let me just say the chance of a person falling under the “weird” category is extremely rare. I would say that 10% (or less) of all “shy people” could simply be considered weird.

(b) The other alternative is the most likely one. It is that the person is (drum roll) secretly awesome. Now I know this will come as a surprise to most of you reading. But from my experience, the person sitting alone, trying not to say much is really concealing a great secret. Kind of like if if you could turn invisible. You wouldn’t just go around telling everyone you could make yourself transparent. That would defeat the whole purpose. You would just maybe tell your closest friends, those whom you could trust with such a great secret. Well, the same is true for those whom we consider “shy.” They are concealing their secret awesomeness as if it was a super power and rightly so. I mean if too many people did find out their awesomeness, who knows what kind of crazy scientists would want to run tests on them trying to find the source of this “super power”?


14 Responses to “Erratic Thought #2”

  1. drew donaldson Says:

    Nick – this is certainly an interesting thought. Although i disagree.

  2. That’s pretty good Nick. I agree with your second thought, that most shy people are secretly awesome. I have thought that for years and am glad that someone else thinks so too.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Drew…. talk to me, man.

  4. drew donaldson Says:

    OK – I agree that many shy people are in fact humble people who are quite amazing. It seems to me that some quiet people are really taking in what everyone else says and analyzing it well. (Not my area of expertise) I just disagree with the thought that they have superpowers, even if it was an analogy.

  5. to drew:
    -First of all, yes. It was an analogy. (for the most part)
    -Second, after you further explained yourself, I still do not see where we disagree

    To Jarrod:
    Get yourself a picture

  6. drew donaldson Says:

    We don’t really disagree further than the analogy. I just pettily didn’t like the analogy.

  7. haha.
    Well, then I’m glad that’s settled.

  8. oh ok, so i’m secretly awesome. lol

  9. ha
    Well, you know how it is. I guess some of us are just more gifted than others. But I can’t say you have super powers or something -Drew wouldn’t like that.

  10. oh yeah, i definitely do have super powers. for real. i’m like, awesome.

  11. psh. i’m awesome, and i’m not shy. just blew your theory out of the water. lol 🙂

  12. haha this is great
    Andrew, just so you know, I never meant that you had to be shy to be awesome :p

  13. Austin Hammonds Says:

    1. Awesomeness is not a super power.
    2. Shy people are wierd and not secretly awesome. (sorry Laurelen)
    3. I am awesome.
    4. That was not showing my ego in any way.

  14. The Anonymous One Says:

    1.awesomeness is a superpower
    2.shy people are awesome
    3.if you were awesome you would know this
    4.this is why it did not show your “ego” in any way

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