Erratic Thought #1

The Structure of God


I wanted to share something with you that we discussed in a Bible Study last night. What I am about to tell you was depicted by the picture above. I don’t know how legible it is, but hopefully it will provide some visual aid.  We were talking about God’s nature: about how God is all about relationships. He is all about connecting to His creation and communing with us as His followers. One way this can be shown through the Trinity. Now, if you look at the Trinity, what is it? It consists of God (the Father), Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Now God, as the head of the Trinity loves Jesus unconditionally who has been eternally begotten. In turn Jesus, respects, obeys, and submits to God. God and Jesus together are one person -one flesh. The Holy Spirit eternally proceeds from the two of them and honors them both. Together, the three of them are one being.

If you look throughout creation, this concept of threes applies to many different things. Like I said, God’s nature is derived from relationships and in particular trinities. This is the way that God designed His creation to exist in perfect harmony.

Another example of something that the trinity applies to is the family. The family consists of the husband (or father), the wife (or mother), and the children. The husband is the leader of the house and his job is to unconditionally love his wife. The wife then is instructed to submit to her husband and honor his decisions. At the altar when the two of them were married, they were unified and became one flesh. The children complete the trinity of the family. They were begotten of the mother and father, just as the Holy Spirit was from God and Jesus. They honor their parents and their wishes. This is the family according to the way God designed it to be. 

One other example of how the trinitarian view relates to other aspects of creation is the church. Christ loves his Church and its leaders, just as the groom loves his bride. The appointed leaders of the church respect Christ and His laws. They honor God and use his guidance to instruct the Church. The Church’s congregation is the third part of the trinity. They are God’s flock who have been eternally predestined by God and Jesus from the beginning of time. The congregation honors both Christ and the elders he has put in front of them. Together, that completes the way the Church was intended to be in God’s eyes.

So, as you can see, if you look throughout creation you can see how God’s nature and sovereignty applies to everything and It really is a glorious thing when we look at it.


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