This post is being made mainly for the purpose of complaining, something I promise I won’t do much of.

First of all, I recorded a video to make a post as I said I would. I then went to upload it and I was not allowed to upload it. So I thought, “Well, OK. Maybe I will just try recording my voice as an mp3. Surely, it will accept mp3’s.” Well, apparently not. Even though it says “upload video” “upload audio” “upload media,” the only types of file formats I am allowed to upload are those of pictures or documents. If anyone has a solution or knows that I am just not doing something right, please let me know.

The second thing I shall complain about is something that most likely doesn’t concern anyone reading. I am quite upset at Safe Eyes, the filtering system I have on my laptop. I have a mac and in order for me to get online, Safe Eyes must first login to its server, then allowing me to get on the internet. Lately, Safe Eyes has been telling me it “cannot connect to the server” and then does not allow me to get online. I have recently discovered the reason for this. When Safe Eyes connects from my mac to our home network, it sets that as its default network. But when I take it somewhere else to get online (church, a friend’s house, etc.) the program gets confused because it cannot find its home network. After trying to connect to a different network, however, it is too late and the program won’t even connect to its server at home anymore. The only way to fix it is to call the tech support number, get the uninstall code, reinstall Safe Eyes, and then don’t let it even try to connect to a foreign wireless network. I am very mad about this. The tech support guy (Jason) said this is a problem they are having with macs (only) and they are trying to fix it. He then suggested that in order to permanently solve my problem, I should buy a PC. That made me even more mad.


4 Responses to “Ah!”

  1. ha, i like it

  2. alexheathisawesome Says:

    Tumblr supports video and mp3’s. 😉

  3. ha, sorry to hear about your troubles nick. but then, who said computers are easy?

  4. I do believe that was Albert Einstein

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